45HZ057 – Lamplighter – Senses EP – Kilamanjaro Music

September 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

This EP is a synthesised take on hip hop, but not in the sense of machine gun rattling hats and 808’s made famous with the recent rise of ‘trap’. There are moments of Vangelis like neon flair and towards the end of the release the tradional sample heavy UKHH elements creep in with fantastic style.


Track by track the release doesn’t get boring upon multiple listens which is something that can’t often be said for releases in all genres of recent times. Margin sounds like something Kode9 would play down FWD back in the day. Those 8 bit synths inducing a nostalgic necksnap which breaks away into floaty, pad heavy territory. Mute begins with synthesised guitar chords and organic, fuzz heavy percussion. String samples take over and the track finally folds in on itself around the three minute mark.

Tay.Ay is the standout track on the release. Immediately upon listening I was taken back to the times me and my friends used to bump the Lowlife Records samplers in his beaten up Mini. This sounds like something Jehst would destroy with his defintively introspective and calculated flow.

The Senses EP is available now from iTunes and on limited edition vinyl from HERE


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