45HZ055 – Boofy x Lemzly Dale – Catch a Body – Sector 7 Sounds

August 17, 2013 § Leave a comment


Bristol is an absolutely mesmering city in terms of its musical landscape. From the bright, futuristic almost pop turns of heads like Joker, to the lean up hip hop meanderings of Roots Manuva there really must be something in the west country water supply. Boofy and Lemzly Dale are part of the new wave of grime centered around those parts. Self releasing vinyl through their own Sector 7 Sounds label, this release is limited to 300 pieces of white labelled vinyl and in my opinion is the way forward for this ‘industry’ . In an age of digital throwaway music it shows not only the passion and confidence behind the music, but the proper ‘old school’ method of how to get it out there too.

Catch a Body is a sonically hyper “traditional” grime tune. Thinned out menacing strings, that overpowering tar like bubble bass and a high end drum machine clap that would scalp you through the right soundsystem. The way the track is arranged is perfect, it never gets boring and it is guaranteed wheel up in the dance material.

Banshee keeps all the forward movement of the A-Side but things get slightly more frenetic with the synth work and it stays in keeping of the overall style established with Catch a Body.

These are war riddims for the new wave.

The release is available on early release now from Sector 7 Sounds Bandcamp page HERE and is up for general release on the 18th August.

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