Seeerious Bass 2nd Birthday

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Thanet has always been quite creative in its endeavours. We have a long history of literary and painting greats that have called this fair isle home and we now have a new generation coming through. A generation of 20 somethings raised on a musical diet of grime, garage and drum and bass and a bleak outlook on life similar to that of the concrete sarcophagus encasing Arlington House. Over the past two or three years, there has been something important brewing underneath the surface around here. From the humble beginnings of the Skank Nasti Sound System boys down on the beaches in and around Cliftonville, to the latest up and coming events from the Seeerious boys with this, their 2nd Birthday.

The main proponents of this new scene are the ones they call Wen and J-One. Hailing from Broadstairs and Ramsgate respectively, they both share a love for dubstep, grime and garage and took those influences and just fucking ran with them. This isn’t anything different from what producers around the country do over and over again, but when they got to their personal boundaries, they carried on going and never looked back. J-One releasing his debut album on the Urban Scrumping label by Phaeleh a few years back brought a breath of positivity to what was happening around here.

Wen released a four track EP through seminal and highly lauded LDN centric label Keysound Recordings earlier this year to critical acclaim across the globe. He put Thanet on the map in a way that none of us ever thought possible. For those around here that still haven’t taken notice, this is a call to you. Go out and buy his new release on Baitface’s Badimup label.

Baitface and Konvex come from the depths of Sittingbourne. Baitface runs the Badimup label pushing both his own tunes and those of his friends. Konvex has recently signed with seminal Dj Hatcha’s “Hatched music” label, Wheel and Deal Records (N-Type’s label) and Crunch Recordings (Ben Verse’s label) so expect big things to come from these two over the next twelve to eighteen months.

As for the rest of the DJ’s we have Parris representing his label Soundman Chronicles and London based record store BM SoHo with his vinyl and dubplate treats. Wlf brings the upfront house flavours with plenty of bounce, soul and feeling. LKD and K-Loh are the brains behind the operation and you can see them going b2b with Konvex and J-One respectively. Jim Jam and Dave Over come from Sheppey and bring the vinyl only flavours from grime, to garage to dubstep and everything inbetween.

Room 2 will be hosted by Pleasant DNB aka Skank Nasti related crewdem. Expect all styles of DNB to be covered.

Set times are as follows…

8 – 845 – TOBY P
845 – 930 – LKD v KONVEX
930 – 1015 – WLF v ARCANE
1015 -1100 – JIMJAM v OVER
1100 – 1145 – BAITFACE v ARKTRIX
1145 – 1230 – J-ONE v K-LOH
1230 – 115 – WEN
115 – 215 – DUSK + BLACKDOWN
215 – 300 – PARRIS

Facebook event page

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