45hz054 – Distance x Cyrus – Titan x Rude (Chestplate Records)

February 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

Over the past twelve months Distance really did spoil us with quality releases from a solid stable of dark and weighty producers. Two months in to twenty thirteen and the first release is a landmark for the label. CHST025 is a collaborative effort between Distance himself and Croydon originator, Cyrus.


‘Titan’ is the Distance driven effort of the two tracks. Cyrus’ clean, minimal drum work allows Distance’s signature overdriven, metal riff influenced bass and futuristic synth work to absolutely dominate in the way you’d expect. Its a style you’ve come to expect from the man behind the label, but it is one that works everytime. The rapture from longtime fans of the two producers and label when this release was announced is testament to that fact.

The Cyrus led effort ‘Rude’ rolls out with class and panache. His restrained use of drums and percussion drives the track forward in the manner Cyrus has become most well known for. Pitch bent, wobbling sub bass emphatically rolls in and out of the space created by the drums and gives you a proper head space to get lost in. Meditative bassweight power!

You can buy the release from here

Distance Soundcloud
Cyrus Soundcloud
Chestplate Youtube

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