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Mishva is native to the South American country of Brazil and someone who I spotted thanks to the power of DubstepForum. He’s signed with Phantom Hertz, Bassweight and also Iron Shirt Recordings alongside Uk heads Native and New Zealands Baku. Mishva represents his own little corner of up and coming producers pushing the darker, more distorted and occasionally minimal sounds in the fringes of the scene. Mishva recently released the The ‘Gaia’ Ep on Iront Shirt and we shared a few words via email.


Hey man, how is Brazil today?

Hey. Well, we still deal with a lot of the infamous “third world problems” such as corruption, high criminality caused by international/national drug trafficking, bad public services and politicians having power plans rather than government plans, but I guess it’s a lot better than it used to be.

I noticed you via Dubstepforum, do you still think it is a helpful place for getting your music noticed and bouncing ideas around with people?

Yeah. Some of the old threads are literally gold mines of information about production and the history of the genre. I got to meet a lot of producers and djs that I now consider friends through the forum too. Plus, even with all the trolling and youtube dwelling edm wannabe stars spamming the board, there are always people up for some in depth conversation about the new (or old) directions of electronic music as a whole.

South America is a country full of passionate people and I know the Drum and Bass scene is pretty large over there, does this passion for bass heavy music extend to the dubstep scene too?

In the last few years we had Razor Rekta and Skream in Brazil, Joe Nice in Argentina and I think either Quest or Silkie in Venezuela. Here in São Paulo we used to have a nice deep dubstep and mid tempo music oriented night but I think they are going through some sort of reformulation or so, last set I heard from them was some borderlining 4×4 808 driven “future” music. Aside from that and a few other brostep/electro house crews throwing parties, there’s not much going on dubstep wise. I teamed up with the blog/night Urbanoise and we are planning a deep dubstep and vinyl culture oriented night that’s going to happen by the end of February. There’s not much of a fanbase around here, so we really don’t know what to expect and that’s really exciting. I hope to expand people’s idea of what dubstep is and help them understand the roots of the sound.

Have you ever considered travelling to experience new music in different cultures?

I’ve been all around South America and was able to experience a lot of different musical tendencies and genres but I still keep a list of places that I’d like to visit one day for their local music. The top priority countries are Japan, South Africa, UK and the Venezuelan Caribe. The music in those places really make you rethink all your concepts of timbres, song structures and rhythm divisions, specially eastern music. They don’t have all the tempo restrains that western music has and they really strafe away from the whole quartenary feel. Plus the concept of arranging instruments is really difference, it’s a kind of music where you try to fit all the timbres rather than frequencies in a particular space. I don’t know if I was able to make myself clear, but it’s an amazing view of how to make music and I think that every producer and enthusiast should take their time and study the eastern, african and latin american rhythms, sounds and scales.

Iron Shirt, how did you get involved with the team behind the label and how do you see yourself helping it to develop in the future?

I think it was around September 2012, I was about to close a deal with a label for a single until they backed out. I was really feeling some NZ deep dubstep music at the time and started looking into labels to submit a few tracks, that was when I came across Iron Shirt. They had and still have a really good artist roster that includes a few big names that I was listening for inspiration at the time and some really good artists that I met through soundcloud. So I sent them an email with the link for the tracks and in the next day they replied me asking what I wanted to do with four of the tracks and so the Gaia EP came to be. Konsida is probably one of the best label managers in the scene. He’s really nice and it’s so easy to reach him any time, plus he introduced me to a lot of people that later I’d release music or team up with, such as M.A.K.Z from Deep, Dark, Dungeon Dubstep, the FatKidOnFire guys and a few other DJs and producers. With the label help I was able to reach the top of the Juno charts on single tune and ep categories with my first EP. I know that it may not sound like much, but it wasn’t something I was expecting being a really unexpressive artist so far away from the scene.

Right now we are hosting a remix competition for my tune “Civilization” and plan to put a four track ep for free featuring 3 remixes and an original tune by me through FKOF plus a four track remix ep via Juno. Again, I’m completely blown away by the number of entries we have so far, the stems pack has been downloaded hundreds of times. This really attracted some online exposure for myself and the label and I’m sure the standards for this one will be really high. I definitely can see myself working together again with Iron Shirt in the future.

Top 5 South American producers we may, or may not know of?

Aside from the obvious DJ Marky and DJ Patife, there’s Cavalaska, you may have heard his sounds on Bunzer0’s Sub.fm show, he’s been putting out some amazing dark mid tempo music and has a ton of collaborations in the ragga music scene. DubMastor is also worth a mention, his tracks and collaborations are always spot on, plus his label Big Chunes puts out some solid music. Recently I rediscovered DJ Maumau’s older tracks, his beats have some sort of thickness and groove to them that I simply can’t explain, quality stuff.

Any shout outs and thanks?

I would like to thank everyone who supported me this far, Mortal Grey from Phantom Hertz, Konsida from Iron Shirt, Olie from Bassweight, M.A.K.Z from DDDD the blog, Korrupt from FKOF, DJ Anthologic, my good friends Echomaker, Drooka and Phaeo, my crew Urbanoise.org, the guys from System Dubstep Brasil (INCA and Hardstep), the DSF users that nominated me for Best New Producer, everyone that likes my facebook or follows me on soundcloud and buys or plays my tunes and so on. I’m thankful for being able to make music that moves people.

Mishva – Execution (Forthcoming)
Mishva – Ghosts (Dub)
Mishva and Olie Bassweight – Golem (Forthcoming)
Echomaker – Gunman (Dub)
Cotti featuring P Money – Going To War (Mishva Refix) (Dub)
Deco and Mesck – Clear Depth (Dub)
Deafblind – Shattered Vision (Dub)
Darj – Kyoketsu Shoge (Dub)
Mishva – Civilization (Baku Remix) (Dub)
Vanity – Aikido (Forthcoming)
Mishva – Soundboy (Forthcoming)
Warsa – Forsworn (Forthcoming)

Mishva Facebook
Mishva Soundcloud
Iron Shirt Facebook

45hz054 – Distance x Cyrus – Titan x Rude (Chestplate Records)

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Over the past twelve months Distance really did spoil us with quality releases from a solid stable of dark and weighty producers. Two months in to twenty thirteen and the first release is a landmark for the label. CHST025 is a collaborative effort between Distance himself and Croydon originator, Cyrus.


‘Titan’ is the Distance driven effort of the two tracks. Cyrus’ clean, minimal drum work allows Distance’s signature overdriven, metal riff influenced bass and futuristic synth work to absolutely dominate in the way you’d expect. Its a style you’ve come to expect from the man behind the label, but it is one that works everytime. The rapture from longtime fans of the two producers and label when this release was announced is testament to that fact.

The Cyrus led effort ‘Rude’ rolls out with class and panache. His restrained use of drums and percussion drives the track forward in the manner Cyrus has become most well known for. Pitch bent, wobbling sub bass emphatically rolls in and out of the space created by the drums and gives you a proper head space to get lost in. Meditative bassweight power!

You can buy the release from here

Distance Soundcloud
Cyrus Soundcloud
Chestplate Youtube

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