45hz053 – Cluekid – Dolphin – Aquatic Lab Records

January 24, 2013 § Leave a comment

Dubstep originator Cluekid released the Dolphin EP via Australia/Germany based Aquatic Lab Records this past week and it is one that myself and the others here at 45hz have been waiting quite a while for.


Dolphin is the name sake track of the release. A simple hi hat introduction allows ambient washes to break through as a beautiful call and response melody sits beneath wobbling cloudy atmospherics that swirl in and out of time with the expertly crafted beat. This track captures that same vibe I get from those early Bukem & Conrad ‘Progression Sessions’. Melody, space, progression and heavyweight sub bass.

Fossil is built around clinical, spatial grooves whilst delayed techy chords drive the melodic side of this tune into a state of blissed out trance. Its nice to hear a release from a Dubstep producer that actually manages to keep that “Dub” feel fully intact. Meditation through bass weight is achieved easily whilst listening to this track. It sucks you in and before you know it your eyes are shut and your head is just bobbing away. Full blown roller and for me is the stand out track on the release.

Digital exclusive Nihonto takes an Eastern Asian influenced sample and puts it to work under a heavily driven, heavily swung minimal beat. Purple-esque synths wash in and out of those samples whilst lone notes stand tall within the mix. A nice addition to the digital release, but I feel this could have worked even better in place of Fossil.

Purchase HERE
Cluekid Soundcloud
Aquatic Lab Soundcloud


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