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Originally, in our first year, we started as a blog to push new talent and bigger names within the confines of the county of Kent.

Into our second year we stepped things up a notch. We bought the domain name, pulled in two new writers and started pushing those we felt made their mark in the strongest way possible within their respective circles. Focusing primarily on the deeper side of dubstep and other electronic music forms with the occasional forays into some slower and faster niches.

Our third year is set to combine the two outputs. We will be focusing on the already established mix series and starting another to run alongside the original. The new mix series will be an “influences” type of affair. Producers and DJs will be supplying mixes of tunes they’ve been forever repping, sampled or taken inspiration from. The first two to appear are local dudes. One we’ve featured before, and one new. I’ll leave you to guess as to who they are…

So as we move forward, here is what a couple of label people and producers you should know will have in store for early next year…

Baitface (Badimup/Soulstep)

‘Most of our plans are under lock and key for the moment, but expect 003 to drop in February.’

Farj (Aquatic Lab)

‘We have LAB014 – Cluekid’s Dolphin EP scheduled for a January release. Following that we have our next Aquatic Lab Sessions Album (volume 2) which will feature established LAB artists as well as new artists which we also have slated to feature on a number of 12″ singles later in the year.’

Sparxy (Bacon Dubs)

‘We have fresh EPs coming from DubApes, Reamz, Hiloxam, Deafblind & Mesck and Genetix between now and March 2013. We are also planning on launching ourselves as a physical label some time nearer to the summer, so keep a lookout for Bacon Dubs on vinyl in 2013. Furthermore, we are running our first ever Bacon Dubs event in celebration of our 2nd birthday, in May. Genetix, Beezy, myself, Reamz, DubApes, Format and Hiloxam are all involved and it is going to be sick.’

Dj Foster (SubFM)

‘Production, I’m learning more and more every day so there should be beats from me. A couple of sick guests into my Sub FM show: FNC (Content & Fornax) and Surge (Wheel & Deal) just to name a few! I’m going to put together a compilation for No.Mad Records (http://www.nomadrecords.it/), as a kind of art director for the project. This is a big thing and I’m very focused…can’t say more right about now though. Also a new mix for your blog…’

Epoch (Egyptian Avenue)

‘We’ve got a release by a producer called Filter Dread coming up (awesome producer, stoked to have him on board) and an Epoch LP in the works which is currently in the process of being mixed down. Both scheduled for release early next year.’

Merry Christmas and big up to everyone we’ve featured music by this year!

Here is a thank you present. No TL, more fun that way…

EOY2012 Studio Mix. 320Kbs

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