45hz051 – Tunnidge – Brixton Bass EP – Chestplate Recordings

October 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

Musically, the title track Brixton Bass is reminiscent of the first time I heard Coki play Goblin at DMZ, blunt sub bass trauma you will never, ever recover from. Sometimes you need subtlety to make your point and sometimes you need a claw hammer to enforce it. This track falls firmly into the latter of the two and does so with a relentless, almost thrash metal sounding mid line.

Empty Spaces is a more meditative affair with the ever popular reece bass resurgency puncturing the background ambience. A head nodding plodder and the sort of tune you’d expect to see sound-tracking a protracted fight scene in European martial arts movie.

Dark Future reminds me of those eighties horror movie intro pieces. Of all the tracks on the EP, this is ticking the most boxes for me. The way Tunnidge has used a melodic structure within the bass, and the driving nature of the beat gives off more of those metal tinged sounds, but this time with some droney, doom vibes.

All in all, Brixton Bass is yet another reason why 2012 has been the year of Chestplate and its sub-soldiers.

Buy Brixton Bass on Chemical Records

Tunnidge Soundcloud


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