45hzMIX020 – Danny Scrilla

October 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

Cosmic Bridge is at the forefront of a new wave of producers, some known and some relatively unknown that are pushing a sound that casts itself way back to the synth driven soundtracks of the first Tron movie, the early days of Dubstep and Jokers early ‘purple’ excursions. Danny Scrilla is one of the labels roster and with the Flash Powder EP release in July, his profile in the electronic scenes has risen sharply and deservedly.

“Easy, where are you at today and where was the last time you played out?”

Last weekend in Munich where I currently live as well.

“Musically, you sit somewhere between dnb, grime and hip hop. How do you know what direction to take BPM wise when you’re in the studio, is it a set decision or can it end up switching between a few in the process before a tune is “finished”?”

These days I’m mainly producing tunes in the 80-85 respectively 160-170 bpm range. It definitely varies though…sometimes I feel like the tunes I’m working on sound way too messy at 85 but sound just fine on 80. Totally comes down to each individual track really. I don’t really want to limit myself to this particular bpm range though. I’ve got tunes on 90, 130, 140 bpm that I’m quite happy with so I’m definitely open when it comes to changing up the tempo. I always had the feeling that a lot of producers force their tunes to be at a certain tempo just because it’s what characterizes the genre they are involved in even though these tracks might sound better at a slower or faster tempo.

So inspiration wise, is it all musical, or do you draw on other things too?”

It’s mainly musical I’d say but probably in a broader sense. Doesn’t have to be a song per se. Could be a squeeking door, a purring cat, a snapping twig…sounds in general I guess.

“Berlin is the biggest underground club scene Germany if not the world, how does Munich compare? Is there an equal amount of clubs and squats and good things going down, or is it a lot more conservative?”

Having lived in both cities I have to say that there are major differences. It’s not really fair to
compare these two seeing how Berlin is more than twice as large as Munich and ruled by a way more liberal political party. The scene in Munich is fairly small compared to Berlin. Pretty much everybody knows each other even if you play completely different music or put on nights that cater to a different crowd. To me it feels like people are more supportive of each other here than in Berlin. They really need to though because it’s hard to establish good nights here. If you’re a promoter in Munich you’ll run into a lot of difficulties based on the fact that the city will slap you with huge fines if you don’t stick to their rules and regulations. Having warehouse parties or outdoor raves without a permission, which is extremely hard to get, is nearly impossible.

“When first creating tunes, who did you set out to emulate?”

I originally come from a Reggae/Dancehall background. The first attempts of creating music were inspired by this kind of music. Needless to say I didn’t really know what I was doing so the results were quite unfruitful. Back then I was really into dancehall producers like Lenky, Dave Kelly, Bobby Konders, Steely & Clevie and so on. Even though I wasn’t able to reproduce their sound back then I think you can still find traces of it in what I’m doing at the moment.

“Do you think this helps the local scene grow at a slower, healthier rate due to the amount of genre cross breeding at parties rather than everyone trying to one up each other?”

Yeah I think this really applies here. The only problem with that is that a lot of people from other cities view Munich as a little bit backwards because of that. By the time a healthy scene for a certain type of music has developed here, people in places like Berlin, Hamburg and so on will have moved on to other genres.

“What’s happening for you in the next twelve months?”

I’m working on a couple remixes right now. Don’t really know how much light I can shed on this. I’m also in the talks with 3 labels about releasing a new EP (or maybe EPs…we’ll see). Other than that I might actually leave Munich for a while. Not because I don’t like it here but because I get bored easily if I stay put in the same place for too long.

“Think we can call it a day there, any shouts or thanks you’d like to give?”

Too many to mention really but I’ll try to name everyone who supported me in the last few months. So much love to: Alice, Jay Scarlett, Jaecki Zucker, Om Unit, Laurent Fintoni, DJ Explizit, Fracture, Toddla T, Not Nice, Kidkanevil, Moresounds and everyone else I failed to mention.

(Apologies for the mix not being embedded within the blog. The code generating service we used that allowed mixcloud embeds on here has been bought out and doesn’t work anymore. BOOOOO!)

Cosmic Bridge



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