45hz043 – Cyrus – Nostalgia/Rupture – Chestplate

May 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

With past releases on numerous innovative and revered labels Cyrus has constantly been pushing away with his vision of the original sounds. His second outing on Chestplate is welcomed like a warm embrace from an old friend. Over the two tracks, he shows that he isn’t one to bow to trends and pressure and pushes what he knows so well.

A-side Nostalgia opens the release with a fluffy, but weighty kick drum and delayed vocal line dotted around a simple yet very effective hi hat pattern. Into the drop, the sub line takes you a little by surprise, as instead of straight power it weaves up and down in pitch but never relenting and never losing weight. Occasionally glimpses of melody are left to shine through with a modulated pad sound that offers a light at the end of the tunnel.

B-side Rupture is a slightly more rolling affair utilising heavily effected snare hits and what sound like snippets of an office fan oscillating to set the groove. Repetition is a common complaint against a large amount of electronic music, but with Rupture it helps Cyrus show he has a firm understanding of the ethos “express the utmost with the minimum”. Dropping in after a vocal sample exclaiming “time to lay down serious sounds”, the low end forgives brute force for subtlety and class, Moving through the track like an old dub reggae bassist would. Whilst grainy sounding synth stabs and drones punctuate the track every so often and help add to its slightly misty ambience.

This is a reminder of where dubstep has come from and what its always been about for those in the know.



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