45hz040 – Razor Rekta – Loko Motiv/Development

April 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Originally part of the Anti Social Entertainment crew, Razor Rekta, Chestplates newest signing has released a provided a pretty strong statement of intent with his first release for Distances label.

Loko-Motiv is a track regular followers of the Chestplate Rinse show will be very familiar with. An ambling start complete with background ambience of birds breaks away and opens up like a darkened chrysalis giving way to droning, sluggish bassweight. This track is one that creeps and crawls around your speakers like a spider in the corner of your room, just waiting for the right time to attack.

Development starts with gloomy ambience shadowing a lone percussive hit. Dropping after 16 bars with an off rhythm sub line that is straight out of 2005 works well and serves its purpose. Percussively, this tracks snare drums and and their creators use of effects upon them take you right back to the roots of the sound. Through the breakdown and into the other side, Rekta demonstrates a very keen ear for progression that rewards the listener.

Clips and links to buy are after the jump!

Rekta Surus Store


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