45hz038 – Sleeper & District – Terraformed EP – Chestplate

April 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

In the space of three months, Chestplate have managed to put out three of the hardest hitting releases of the year so far. The newest offering from Sleeper and District doesn’t change that one tiny bit. Terraformed and Zero Day make up the vinyl release which is the 17th for Chestplate, whilst digital bundle buyers get an extra two tracks in the shape of Transitions and Colony.

The tunes on show here manage to heir more towards the side of minimal techno in regards to their production value and definitely take more than a little influence from the sounds of teched out dnb in the lower end registers. In these genres, space and pace are king and Sleeper and District are beyond measure when it comes to creating ambience and expressing the utmost with the minimum. As it stands, the atmosphere the tunes are placed into is extremely complementing to the sound palette they’ve offered up here.

Terraformed is the A side to the EP and for me the best of the four tracks that are on offer. A galloping tour de force of sub and evil ripper like bass tones and that unmistakeable background ambience.

When they’re producing solo, these two make bangers. When they’re together, they’re pretty much unstoppable.

Sleeper Soundcloud
District Soundcloud
Chestplate Surus Store


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