45hz037 – Eleven Tigers – Stableface EP – Soul Motive

March 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

Bristol based label Soul Motive has been pushing dubstep for a long time now, but rather than become a label that relies on formula in releases, they always come with forward thinking takes on bass heavy genres. Eleven Tigers release which is Soul Motives first of 2012 and comes in two parts doesn’t buck that trend. A single plus three differing remixes by Peverelist, Dark Sky and Macc respectively it shows the diversity that Soul Motive have become known for pushing.

Title track Stableface is a moody affair. Ambient rainfall. a lone sample and a rumbler of a sub bass line pin the intro before a swell of street noise takes over. Once it drops, you could be forgiven for thinking it was more of ambient piece, but perseverance pays off when the shuffled garage inspired drums finally enter the fore.

Dark Sky brings forth the future garage flavours nicely for their remix, whilst Macc takes his to the 170ish side of the spectrum with a highly emotional, breakbeat driven drum and bass roller. Personally, the tune of the release for myself resides in the Peverelist remix. Looped samples, sparse hypnotic percussion and low slung basslines will always win me over.

Soul Motive website


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