45hz035 – Dubporn Records Presents : Loved Up – A Compilation

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Dubporn Presents Loved Up A Compilation

Dubporns latest free offering showcases a lot of producers I hadn’t heard of before. Spanning tempo ranges from techno to jukey footwork meanderings, each artist brings forth their own take on a shared sound. Ambience and melody are strong continuing themes throughout all the tracks showcased here.

Its available as a free download from their bandcamp page.

Click here to go through to the Bandcamp page

45hz034 – Anti Long

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Dealing with producers, labels and musicians can be a laborious process at the best of times. Anti Long are here to change that. I’ve been noticing more and more people rocking their t-shirts, so I decided to get in touch and see what they were about…

Easy guys, how are things?

You know how it be.

What is Anti Long?

A state of mind. The whole Anti-Long ethos is manifested in our partnership, which offers press services for record labels, website and graphic design, as well as a nice line in T-Shirts Essentially and primarily – a zero tolerance approach to fucking about.

Why did you start it?

We came across a set of statistics that outlined how 1 in 5 people are affected by casual Longness on a daily basis and less than 1 in 20 will think to report it to the authorities. Longness is an epidemic – the music industry especially is suffering from a real crisis at the moment, and with the government too preoccupied with their own long endeavours, we thought we’d shoulder the burden personally and start putting wrongs to right.

Where do you want to take it?

To the very top. Cameron, we see you.

You have close ties to the more experimental side of Manchester’s Electronic music scene with the PYC Sessions blog and I know you’ve done nights with that. However, will there be Anti Long nights to come?

We’re thinking more about seminars and self help tape packs before we concentrate on club nights, but those PYC boys (www.facebook.com/pycsessions”> have a couple of very exciting things in the pipeline, which we’re assisting with, so keep watch for big news coming soon.

Any shout outs or the like?

To everyone who knows the dangers of living long. To 45hz for keeping it real. To anyone who’s ever looked to the sky and screamed “WHYYYYYYY” while being longed off; to anyone who’s ever waited all day for a “guaranteed” response to something, or been stuck at a train station for three hours because their mate overslept then left the house without their phone – we feel you.

Anti Long Site
Anti Long T-Shirt Store
Anti Long Facebook

45hz033 – Love Sick Recordings FREELUV EP

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Love Sick Recordings is the brainchild of South Coast scene stalwarts, Riskotheque, Marchmellow and Southbound Hangers. Pushing good music that can be enjoyed both in the club and in the more chilled out confines of your bedroom they’ve given away a free five track anti valentines day EP. Tracks come from Riskotheque & Deadbeat, Marchmellow, Southbound Hangers, Max Mudie and Screen Age.

The EP can be downloaded from the Love Sick store on Surus by clicking here.

Love Sick Facebook
Love Sick Soundcloud


45hz032 – Tunnidge – Aftershock/Blame (w/ Distance) (Chestplate Recordings)

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The second release of the year from the Chestplate imprint comes from Tunnidge and the man behind the label himself, Distance. Two completely different tunes united under the banner of darkness both producers have become known for flying. The solo effort ‘Aftershock’ from man like Tunnidge is an in your face, gritty distorted halfstep stomper similar to the previous Chestplate outing he had with 7breaths and Fear. Stop start machine gun rhythms in the drums and distorted mids carry the underpinning bassweight perfectly. Whilst a lot of producers tend to get a little over excited when using the distortion units at their disposal, Tunnidge manages to air on the more restrained side of the fence and Aftershock is all the better for it.

The collaboration between Distance and Tunnidge is the stand out track of this release though. Starting simply with a moody atmospheric pad, hi-hat pattern and percussive hit that sounds like someone chinking a wine glass before a speech, the mood is set; Creeping and dark, it reminds me of some of the moodier drum and bass tracks that have surfaced over the past few years. Low passed bassline interweaving through a percussive heavy drum section that would destroy the hardiest of sub huggers in the dance.

This release really shows how both producers are now at the top of the game for this dark, deep and sometimes very angry side of Dubstep.

Listen to clips and buy the release from the Chestplate Surus Store

Tunnidge Soundcloud
Distance Soundcloud


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