45hz031 – Sleeper – Zombies/Scanners (Chestplate)

January 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Sleeper, alongside District is one of the newer signings to Distance’s Chestplate imprint. Following on from the release of District’s 3.5 Grams release in the latter half of last year, Sleeper steps up to fore with three tracks of undeniably impeccable Dubstep.

Zombies ominously sets the tone from the first bar with a dark choral pad and shuffled hi hat pattern. An angry, tumultuous bass line forms the backbone of this track and it would be enough to suffocate you through the right sound system.

Scanners almost comes across as the more tame and reigned in version of the aforementioned Zombies. Sleepers trademark drum sounds and use of dub techno styled chords draw you into a hypnotic, head nodding roll out complete with a delayed sample which the tune bases its name upon. If Zombies was the heavy handed brute with a machine gun, this is the assassin of the three tracks. Restrained, yet equally deadly.

Youngsta championed track Narrow starts with white noise atmospherics and a lone bleep steadily increasing in volume almost beckoning you towards the speakers. Beats and bass intertwine serpent like, waiting for the right moment to fully attack as droned washes stay masked in the background ambience. All the while, snare hits provide a satisfactory crunch as Sleeper brings down his auditory swords upon unsuspecting heads.

As a first release through one of the most well respected labels within the darker end of the scene Distance has proven that his instincts upon signing Sleeper were well founded. All three tracks show extreme skill in the areas of space and pace and restraint, which are three things a lot of producers in this scene often over look. Its going to be very, very interesting to hear what comes next from both Chestplate and Sleeper himself.


Buy the release via Surus here and get Narrows as a free download.

Sleeper Soundcloud

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