January 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

There is a lot of talk of a new year bringing fresh starts, but for a fresh start to happen we’d have to change our ways. With that in mind, you’ll be pleased to hear that even if the world does end this year we don’t plan on changing a thing over the coming months. You’ll still be getting the same indepth interviews and high quality mixes you’ve come to expect from us.

The main thing is though that without you guys reading, we’d be just another blog floating in the internet ether and for that we’re forever thankful.

J:Kenzo, Antics, Benton, Syte, Asa, TMSV, Arcane, Watson and Loft Party Records, Widowmaker, J-One. District, DJ Foster, Blind Prophet, Pressa and everyone else who has helped make the blog what it is this past year thank you and Happy New Year wherever you are.

2012 will have some big things happening on these pages, just wait and see!

If it doesn’t move your chestplate…

Ryan & Oli.

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