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As far as new producers go, Kent based Content comes correct. Pushing weighty, techy minimal vibes and not being one of the shout the loudest crew, Content keeps just under the radar pulling power moves on a daily basis. So we thought it only fair to give him an opportunity to tick an item off his 2012 to do list…

In his own words, its a homage to all those of have supported him over the past year. In our words, it is massive.

Easy Tony, how are things?

Things are really good, just working on hard on beats

Talk us through the Sweden trip towards the tail end of last year if you would? The MakeItGood/FatKidOnFire lot organised a sort of package trip out there with you guys didn’t they? Did it go down well?

You mean “The Rum and Orange Excursion”? Ha! The Sweden excursion towards the end of last year was actually a brain child of mine from early last year that I couldn’t get off the ground on my own. I was asking the guys for more involvement from the UK side of things and just couldn’t get all of it together.

After a few chats with Wil from FKOF it was becoming obvious he was up for getting involved in the Bastards project. We had a few meetings in London with TRPR (One of the Swedish leg of the Bastards main team) and agreed who would do what. Wil got together Make It Good and FKOF and went to town on the PR getting together all of the blogs and forums to feature the links to the night. TRPR, AA, Kalle got the flyer, website and video sorted.

The deal was book your flights yourself, tell us your coming and we will book shuttle from airport, hotel and you get free entry to the night all for £100. We didn’t have loads of uptake but we had a good tribe of us from the UK up bright and early at Gatwick Whetherspoons for a pint!

The night itself was really good, Pure Vibes and Rum. Killawatt and Thelem both brought a mad selection, AA dug into the vault for a selection of the finest. Musically the night was flawless.

2011 was pretty kind to you in terms of your Djing and production, what do you have stored up for 2012?

You say it was kind to me but 2011 was the toughest year for me musically man. I lost my residency with Urban Nerds, was getting 1 booking every 3 months and had to change my name as I was getting copyright infringement letters. Seriously, last year was a madness. The three things that saved 2011 Started producing in Aug/Sept last year after Benton had been telling me for months to get to it. Outlook was my catalyst and re ignited my love for what I do and the people I have around me now.

2012 is looking really good. I joined Subculture Artists, I have my first release out in January on Innamind with the “Oxygen Shadows” E.P and then this. I have been wanting to do one for ages for you guys. Things I have stored up and in the pipeline, got a few more releases coming (1 on Innamind and 1 hopefully on New Moon confirmed) loads of Collab work Benton, Perverse, Organics, Occult, Pheral, Widowmaker, Catacombs, Formless. Half of these have been started, and of course my own prodcutions, DJing all over (Feb 4th for Bastards 2nd Birthday in Sweden with Joker and Tunnidge is the next big one) Not forgetting the Radio show on Rood.fm 8-10 Monday’s. 2012 is looking healthy.

What happened with Urban Nerds then?

I had some of the best nights/experiences with the guys at Nerds, They opened doors for me to play in that at the time where hard to open. But as with all Multi genre nights its hard to cater for a resident who is so niche. The guys could tell this and they began pushing some of the other residents alot more. As the night grew my position got smaller. It was kind of the obvious thing so when it happened their where no hard feelings.

I’ll presume the copright infringment letters were to do with your old name and a certain US hip hop DJ? Do you have any advice for those who may have to deal with those types of letters and lawyers in future?

Yes man it was the name thing, It wouldnt of got to that point but I went about it in earlier correspondence with his manager like an idiot. Sort of saying do you worst I wont change it and then 1year later it all came to a head. It was kind of a blessing because it was like 1 month after the Nerds stuff so I took it as a chance to reinvent myself. If I could give any advice think about your replies to people, I made it a tad worse for myself. Seek advice from others, and you can do a subtle name change so like Plastician did from Plasticman. Dont think the worst. I just saw the positive in it and re-invented myself, fresh start.

You mentioned a lengthy list of collaborations there. What is about the process that keeps you going back for more?

Its how quickly I am gathering interest man, I am getting shouts from all over the place and its making me feel like I’m reaching out to people who like what I am doing and about. The collaborations mean I open the doors further and get a chance to work with people who’s work I admire and it will in turn improve my technique and ability. Like i said, six months producing and I have my tunes being played by so many people I admire within the scene.

We talked the other day about the way people carry themselves on the internet and how attitudes and egos can destroy the good intentions of people. How do you keep yourself grounded when the hype picks up?

I guess a reality check of who I am and what pisses me off. I don’t take myself to seriously, Everyone who knows me knows about Carrots and the Distribution of and that’s kind of me.

Opinions are their for others to make, I don’t write my own press releases and I try not to mention every bit of PR about me unless its relevant like a release (GET MY INNAMIND RELEASE FROM JUNO! Shadows Formed EP) or about being on radio that night. I try to let what I do get talked about rather than me shouting about it. A humble approach you know. If someone likes what I’m doing and they post it on a forum or Twitter I know I have done the right thing, but constantly throwing my brand of propaganda in people’s faces isn’t clever and it’s a way of switching people off.

Less is more, so I guess I don’t get involved by only letting the hype that’s relevant grace the eyes and ears of my fans and admirer’s. Although I wont front it, I do occasionally snap and have a little vent but then its back to business as usual, hence how we got onto the conversation the other day. If you’re good or unique be proud of it and rep yourself.

DON’T Gas about how amazing your over inflated opinion of yourself is, it’s not a good look. Carrots and the distribution there of.

Any thanks or shout outs mate?

I’ll start off with yourselves really. Thanks for this chance man, been one on the list for a while. Benton, Verity (Carrot Distro) and the rest of the SubCulture Artists, Fish for giving me a platform (RoodFm Boys especially Smooth 8till10roodfm Slippers gang, Bigup the Bizzle), Carl Johan and My other Swedish Bastards, Getdarker (Lee and Jay), Dan District & Sleeper, Jeremy at Innamind Records, Mack over at Moonshine. Wil FatKidonFire and everyone who has repped my productions this year Youngsta, Joe Nice, Organics, JKenzo, Thelem & Killawatt (Too much support and this year), Bunzero, Demon, Anex, T!, FosterDub, Catacombs and Raad for improving Carrot Distro. And anyone else who has repped this past 12months THANKS!

Carrots, Rum and Orange and music for the Chest.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Content Soundcloud

45hz031 – Sleeper – Zombies/Scanners (Chestplate)

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Sleeper, alongside District is one of the newer signings to Distance’s Chestplate imprint. Following on from the release of District’s 3.5 Grams release in the latter half of last year, Sleeper steps up to fore with three tracks of undeniably impeccable Dubstep.

Zombies ominously sets the tone from the first bar with a dark choral pad and shuffled hi hat pattern. An angry, tumultuous bass line forms the backbone of this track and it would be enough to suffocate you through the right sound system.

Scanners almost comes across as the more tame and reigned in version of the aforementioned Zombies. Sleepers trademark drum sounds and use of dub techno styled chords draw you into a hypnotic, head nodding roll out complete with a delayed sample which the tune bases its name upon. If Zombies was the heavy handed brute with a machine gun, this is the assassin of the three tracks. Restrained, yet equally deadly.

Youngsta championed track Narrow starts with white noise atmospherics and a lone bleep steadily increasing in volume almost beckoning you towards the speakers. Beats and bass intertwine serpent like, waiting for the right moment to fully attack as droned washes stay masked in the background ambience. All the while, snare hits provide a satisfactory crunch as Sleeper brings down his auditory swords upon unsuspecting heads.

As a first release through one of the most well respected labels within the darker end of the scene Distance has proven that his instincts upon signing Sleeper were well founded. All three tracks show extreme skill in the areas of space and pace and restraint, which are three things a lot of producers in this scene often over look. Its going to be very, very interesting to hear what comes next from both Chestplate and Sleeper himself.


Buy the release via Surus here and get Narrows as a free download.

Sleeper Soundcloud


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There is a lot of talk of a new year bringing fresh starts, but for a fresh start to happen we’d have to change our ways. With that in mind, you’ll be pleased to hear that even if the world does end this year we don’t plan on changing a thing over the coming months. You’ll still be getting the same indepth interviews and high quality mixes you’ve come to expect from us.

The main thing is though that without you guys reading, we’d be just another blog floating in the internet ether and for that we’re forever thankful.

J:Kenzo, Antics, Benton, Syte, Asa, TMSV, Arcane, Watson and Loft Party Records, Widowmaker, J-One. District, DJ Foster, Blind Prophet, Pressa and everyone else who has helped make the blog what it is this past year thank you and Happy New Year wherever you are.

2012 will have some big things happening on these pages, just wait and see!

If it doesn’t move your chestplate…

Ryan & Oli.

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