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With such a close knit community of heads involved in creating, playing, promoting and listening to the deeper side of dubstep, when quality new beats begin to infiltrate people’s inboxes, attentions and sound systems; the effect is contagious. Welcome Perverse a.k.a Brett and Alex, the two man kiwi production team hailing from Auckland, who have transitioned from being relatively unknown in the UK to getting tracks wheeled by scene figurehead Youngsta on Rinse in the space of six months.

Inspired by a range of genres from the 808’s and lean of hiphop to the twisted rhythms of hard Drum and Bass luminaries Noisia, Black Sun Empire and Spor, Perverse were drawn to production through their collective love of bass heavy music. Purveyors of intensely dark and uncompromising eyes-down beats, their sound is exemplified by a precise control over chest-caving sub frequencies and a minimal sparseness of construction reminiscent of early Loefah or Kryptic Minds. Whilst their musical influences are notable, Perverse bring their own unique and refreshing take on the sound, with a repertoire of versatile riddims infused with intelligent syncopation and vivid atmospherics. 
45hz caught up with Brett and Alex for a chat…

45hz: Easy guys, thanks for joining us. It has been an exciting few months for you, what has been the highlight so far?
Gaining the support from people we respect and follow such as Youngsta, J Kenzo and Biome etc. has been a huge highlight for me, everyone we have met through this has been so down to earth and really nice! Also getting a vinyl release is huge, I can’t wait to get our stuff on wax. Our sound has just been snapped up by people and I’m really happy about it, we never thought we would get as far in such a short period of time.
Considering you have been making beats seriously for a relatively short period of time, your productions are already being supported by some of the biggest producers in the scene. Did you expect things to take off this quickly?
Absolutely not! We still get a warm feeling every time we hear someone play our music. The feeling of hearing someone you look up to play your music is a feeling you’d never get sick of. Everything has basically been in 6th gear and it has taken us a bit of time to get used to, not that we are complaining of course.

How far away are your current production levels from where you would like to be?
Recently we have had people tell us we have our “own sound”, I guess being in the bubble we don’t really notice it. Over the last few months we have come to feel much more comfortable with our DAW and the software we use to re-create the ideas we have in our heads and put them to paper, so to speak. We have always strived to have a clean cut sound and we finally feel we are moving in the right direction of that.

Tell us a little bit about how you work as a duo, do you work remotely or in person? Do you ever get on each other’s nerves?!
Brett: Well, we spend close to 40 hours in the studio together every week, most nights without fail. I think in some cases which I’ve been part of there hasn’t been that “chemistry” in the studio which Alex and I have. Both of us are basically on the same page, its often I’ll suggest a change and Alex will say he was about to say the same thing, or vice versa. I think we are both totally open to each other’s ideas and trial and error are a big part of that, sometimes an idea works and sometimes it doesn’t and that goes both ways. 

Alex: Brett has covered most of what i would have said. I tend to do the more technical side of the production, as i have worked in FL for a year or two and know it inside out. We will just sit and bounce ideas of each other and generally the tune just writes itself until we are happy with it. As Brett said we are both willing to make changes and try an idea out, we just work really well together.

What do you do to relax when you need to take a break from music? 

Both of us have girlfriends and social groups outside of music. Recently to be honest the motivation to be in the studio has been far too great so we have spent a lot of time in there. It definitely takes over haha.

What are you listening to outside of bass music at the moment (if anything!), any recommendations?
A: I have a really diverse taste in music, I can appreciate many different styles. Depending on my mood i’ll listen to classic rock, underground hip-hop, Trip-hop and downtempo. I really like music with emotion in it, something that makes you feel something in particular when you listen. I like a lot of music as long as it is not mainstream or fake.
B: To be honest my taste goes anywhere from classic rock to hiphop. My parents were really into 60s /70s/ 80s music so i grew up listening to a lot of that. As a teenager it was a lot of hiphop and rock / metal and basicly anything that caught my attention. I’m open to most things within reason. I can’t stand RnB and some electronic music.

It’s amazing what can be achieved with the sophistication of sharing and internet services in today’s world, in terms of collaborating and getting your music heard. Are you guys settled in New Zealand or do you have any plans to head to Europe at some stage?
Neither of us were born here, and even though we do consider New Zealand home we definitely feel the need to travel. It’s hard seeing all of those insane lineups in Europe where you have about a year’s worth of acts for us in one night. New Zealand definitely has small but strong scene but we feel we need to be where the action is happening at the moment which seems to be Europe. It’d be insane to meet all these people we chat to and have met over the internet face to face, everyone seems so down to earth and on the same wavelength and we are always keen to meet like-minded people. 
You are about to feature on the inaugural release of New Zealand based Innamind Recordings. Tell us a little bit about that, and how did that link up come about?
We’ve known kursk the owner for about 10 years now, even though we lost touch for a little while it was actually music that got us speaking again. He had an idea to get a label going and we noticed he had a lot of passion and was in it for all the right reasons not for money or for recognition, but for the love of the music and bringing people together. We’re probably much more excited to be involved with this as most of the people featured on the first release are really good mates of ours and it is a huge honour to share a release with them.
The Shaded EP on Bassweight Recordings is nearly out, and undoubtedly you will be working on getting more of your music out there. What would be your dream label to release on and why?
There were a few mastering issues with the Shaded EP so it’s not out yet but we’ve had a great response from it, a lot of people are really excited and we’re asked when it will be available daily. For us that dream label would be BlackBox, very few labels have such a consistent rate of amazing releases, in fact there isn’t one on there we can fault. 
The mix is a serious collection of beats, featuring producers from all across the world. How did you go about putting it together?
One night we had a jam of some new tunes we’d recently received and decided to record it, the impromptu mixes always seem to flow much better. It’s an absolute pleasure to play the work of artists we look up to and our friends.
Finally, anyone you would like to shout out or anything else coming up you want to mention?  

We’d like to make a mention of the vinyl release we are involved with, we can’t say much more other than we are really excited about it and we can’t wait for people to find out what tunes they are. (editor note – tunes are large and so is the label hypehypehype)

Mention : Youngsta /  Biome / J:kenzo / Mosaix / Subreachers / Disonata / Truth / Tellez / Jack Sparrow / Seven / Olie Bassweight / RDG / JB / Catacombs / Knowledge / Verity / Collision /Content / Nanobyte / PistonsBeneath / Widowmaker / Versa / Rowl / Anex /Beezy /Olie Bassweight/ Shredexx / DCult / Demon / KillaWatt / Ipman / Las / Formless / NoMan / Percept / Gantz / Arktrix / Kursk / Boot / Sook / Droid Sector / 3rdEye / Occult / Inkarv / TMSV / Triky / Glyph / JSL / RUF / Kaiju / Ghost Note / Tallan / Arkotypes / ARtroniks / Duckem / Reamz / Server /Distance / Sleeper / Jay5ive / Crisis / Compa / AJP / Loxy / War / Pale / Overlook / Reza and anyone else that is supporting us and accepting us in any way shape or form.

Sorry for the huge list but we feel we owe a lot of these people a real mention as they have all contributed to pushing us in some way.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Download the mix here.

Perverse Soundcloud
Perverse Facebook

Contributed by Oli

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