45MIX015 – Widowmaker

October 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Widowmaker is one Sean Reed. Part Audio Doughnut, Part Wheel & Dealer and all round beatsmith. 45hz caught up with him over Facebook recently and got the lowdown on the N-Type connection, collaborations and who he is currently rating.

Easy man, how are things?

Yeah not too bad mate!

You’ve not been involved for too long have you? You were involved with the metal and hardcore circles before coming to the bass heavy side of things, right? Do you think the scenes share a common bond of sheer power through sound?

Yeah of course they are both connected a lot, I heard the sheer force of tracks by Loefah and Distance and could relate it a lot to that Metal/Hardcore sound. However it’s not about trying to make Dubstep sound exactly like metal or hardcore, but to keep the dynamics and interpret the sound in a different way. Which i think a lot of new people to genre don’t seem to understand.

You’ve recently signed to N-Types Wheel & Deal imprint. Has this been a long time coming?

Well the thing is I had been in contact with N-Type ever since Benton showed him my Skream Bootleg, which was a great plus because anything I’d make after that I wouldn’t feel strange about sending to him because he sorta knew of me if that makes sense. I sent him a few things and he liked some bits but I felt I never really pushed myself to make something good enough, so I pretty much did that with ‘Tunneling Wurm.’ It was one of those tunes that when i finished it I knew that he would love it, so sent it over (along with ‘Exile’). It got a great response and the next day he phoned me up to sign the tunes basically. It’s gonna be a 3 track release like Killawatt’s, with ‘Tunneling Wurm’ ‘Exile’ and ‘Forgotten Ruin’. There is no confirmed release date yet though i expect around late Winter/early Spring 2012.

Obviously you’re sent a lot of dubs, who are you rating right now in the UK and further afield?

Recently been in contact with a few very talented heads, Digid (Belgium) is one to look out for, someone need to snap up his tunes as they are serious. Perverse (NZ) are smashing it aswell. Soap Dodgers, Killawatt, Thelem, Pistonsbeneath, Majora (Bandicoot), Korus, Taiki and Nulight, Core, Triky, Content and Eyela Beret (Hiloxam) are all sending me wicked stuff. Watch out for some these new names, apologies to anyone I’ve missed!

You just recently uploaded a collaboration between yourself and Digid. Are there any more in the works with him, or maybe others?

Yeah that was fun, he just sent me a load of wicked mid sounds, atmospheres and synths that kind of thing, and I made the drums/perc and sub and just mucked about really until we were happy with the tune. There may be actually but i can’t say for definite yet, it’s just finding the time! Me and Digid will definitely be working on more tunes in the future though!

If you could impart a nugget of wisdom to an up and comer, what would it be and why?

All i can really say is keep positive and keep working at it. Networking is the most important thing aswell, become mates with someone else whos in the same situation as you or better and play each others tunes, send em to people. If you really work at it someone is bound to pick you up sooner or later, then through that you get releases or bookings and you can meet more people and get to know other heads in the scene. Never give up.

Is there anyone you’d like to thank or big up?

Of course, My main man Henry Moller at Audio Doughnuts for seeing my potential early on and pushing me out there. My Parents for encouraging me and putting up with the noise haha. Ntype, Benton, Soap Dodgers, Bannerworx & Pistonsbeneath for supporting me. Massive Verticals to Audio Doughnuts Crew, Korus, LA Boxers, Hiloxam, Digid, Funtcase, Compa, Murdok, Dismantle, Killawatt, Thelem, Mensah, Fish, Rood Fm Family, Beezy, Lost, Shivers, Fused Forces, Darkside, Ashley, Nikki Acute, Secret Ninja crew And anyone else I’ve missed!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Download the mix here

Widowmaker Facebook
Widowmaker Soundcloud

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