45hz029 – Dubbed Out Halloween Tunnel Party

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For months punters have been feverishly pestering the promoters of Kent based Dubstep night Dubbed Out to return to the Fort Horsted Military Fort in Chatham. When it was announced a few months ago they were to return for Halloween weekend the fans were understandably excited.

Every DJ smashed their way through their sets in what proved to be one of my favourite venues yet. Most notable for myself however, was the ender brought to the table by Bannerworx. It was definitely something different, but the crowd reaction was surprising. If you were at the Outlook launch party they threw earlier this year, you’ll know what we’re talking about, but for those of you who don’t…enjoy. – Arktrix

45MIX015 – Widowmaker

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Widowmaker is one Sean Reed. Part Audio Doughnut, Part Wheel & Dealer and all round beatsmith. 45hz caught up with him over Facebook recently and got the lowdown on the N-Type connection, collaborations and who he is currently rating.

Easy man, how are things?

Yeah not too bad mate!

You’ve not been involved for too long have you? You were involved with the metal and hardcore circles before coming to the bass heavy side of things, right? Do you think the scenes share a common bond of sheer power through sound?

Yeah of course they are both connected a lot, I heard the sheer force of tracks by Loefah and Distance and could relate it a lot to that Metal/Hardcore sound. However it’s not about trying to make Dubstep sound exactly like metal or hardcore, but to keep the dynamics and interpret the sound in a different way. Which i think a lot of new people to genre don’t seem to understand.

You’ve recently signed to N-Types Wheel & Deal imprint. Has this been a long time coming?

Well the thing is I had been in contact with N-Type ever since Benton showed him my Skream Bootleg, which was a great plus because anything I’d make after that I wouldn’t feel strange about sending to him because he sorta knew of me if that makes sense. I sent him a few things and he liked some bits but I felt I never really pushed myself to make something good enough, so I pretty much did that with ‘Tunneling Wurm.’ It was one of those tunes that when i finished it I knew that he would love it, so sent it over (along with ‘Exile’). It got a great response and the next day he phoned me up to sign the tunes basically. It’s gonna be a 3 track release like Killawatt’s, with ‘Tunneling Wurm’ ‘Exile’ and ‘Forgotten Ruin’. There is no confirmed release date yet though i expect around late Winter/early Spring 2012.

Obviously you’re sent a lot of dubs, who are you rating right now in the UK and further afield?

Recently been in contact with a few very talented heads, Digid (Belgium) is one to look out for, someone need to snap up his tunes as they are serious. Perverse (NZ) are smashing it aswell. Soap Dodgers, Killawatt, Thelem, Pistonsbeneath, Majora (Bandicoot), Korus, Taiki and Nulight, Core, Triky, Content and Eyela Beret (Hiloxam) are all sending me wicked stuff. Watch out for some these new names, apologies to anyone I’ve missed!

You just recently uploaded a collaboration between yourself and Digid. Are there any more in the works with him, or maybe others?

Yeah that was fun, he just sent me a load of wicked mid sounds, atmospheres and synths that kind of thing, and I made the drums/perc and sub and just mucked about really until we were happy with the tune. There may be actually but i can’t say for definite yet, it’s just finding the time! Me and Digid will definitely be working on more tunes in the future though!

If you could impart a nugget of wisdom to an up and comer, what would it be and why?

All i can really say is keep positive and keep working at it. Networking is the most important thing aswell, become mates with someone else whos in the same situation as you or better and play each others tunes, send em to people. If you really work at it someone is bound to pick you up sooner or later, then through that you get releases or bookings and you can meet more people and get to know other heads in the scene. Never give up.

Is there anyone you’d like to thank or big up?

Of course, My main man Henry Moller at Audio Doughnuts for seeing my potential early on and pushing me out there. My Parents for encouraging me and putting up with the noise haha. Ntype, Benton, Soap Dodgers, Bannerworx & Pistonsbeneath for supporting me. Massive Verticals to Audio Doughnuts Crew, Korus, LA Boxers, Hiloxam, Digid, Funtcase, Compa, Murdok, Dismantle, Killawatt, Thelem, Mensah, Fish, Rood Fm Family, Beezy, Lost, Shivers, Fused Forces, Darkside, Ashley, Nikki Acute, Secret Ninja crew And anyone else I’ve missed!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Download the mix here

Widowmaker Facebook
Widowmaker Soundcloud

45hz028 – Momentum Audio, London

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45hz027 – TRIX x Eglo Records

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Trix is a new night spearheaded by multi faceted music industry insider Sophie James who you may recognise from presenting DNB Arena. With a superb choice in Hidden, the Vauxhall venue will play host to some of the biggest electronic musicians in the world today. The UK has long been the leading light in the underground music circles and this nights line up showcases the sheer diversity that makes this FACT.

Trix holds court in room one and plays hosts to Appleblim, Loefah, Mosca, Lone and Ossie. Whilst over in room two, Eglo Records holds court with Alexander Nut, Funkineven, Arp 101 and Fatima. Both rooms are supported by Planas from Gentlemans Dub Club, Lorca, Finn, Stickie Davis, Lazell and Action Jackson.

Visuals are supplied by Mind Over Matter and there is going to be live art courtesy of the Ink Fetish crew.

£5 early bird tickers are sold out, but you can get hold of £7 advance tickets from Hidden itself and direct from Resident Advisor. Otherwise it’ll be a princely £10 on the door and for this line up, you’d be silly not to.

100 Tinworth St
SE11 5EQ

Resident Advisor
Trix LDN
Ink Fetish

45hz026 – MakeItGood x FatKidOnFire x Dubstep Bastards

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If you ever needed an excuse for a winter break, here it is. London based bloggers MakeItGood and FatKidOnFire have teamed up with promoters Dubstep Bastards to offer up a club night with difference.

Saturday 5th November 2011 will see Killawatt, Thelem and Content make their way over to Gothenburg, Sweden. Set in the stunning defunct power station Roda Sten, its set to be an event of epic proportions and they want you to join them.

As if the huge line up isn’t enough, the trio of promoters are also going to be offering an exclusive travel package to anyone based in the UK who wants to head over for the show. For £150 they’ll provide airport transfers to and from one of the cities nicest hotels along with your ticket and a free drink once you get into the Roda Sten itself.

Flights from the UK to Gothenburg are NOT included and you will have to sort these out by yourself. The sooner you book, the cheaper they’ll be! If you ever needed an excuse for a winter break, here it is.

If you’d like to know more, fill in this form and the team will be in touch!

Follow this link for the form!

Dubstep Bastards
Röda Sten 5th of November
10pm until 3am / £10/ 100SEK / Please bring ID!
Line up:
Killawatt [Wheel & Deal, Black Box] (UK)
Thelem [Orientis Recs, New Moon, Rood FM] (UK)
Content [Bastards, Rood FM] (UK)
TRPR [Bastards]
With visual support by Malign [Bastards]

FKOF Feature


Content (formerly Drama)
FKOF Feature

FKOF Feature

45hzMIX014 – Syte

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Syte has long been a fixture within the London dubstep circles and armed with a massive amount of dubs provides a heavy artillery back up for the Mind Step footsoldiers! Taking in all corners, his mix doesn’t stay in one place for too long and showcases his impeccable ear for selection and contrast. Read on…

Name: Jim
Age: 26
Location: South Bucks/LDN
Years Producing: 2
Years Mixing: 8

Easy man, how are things?

Yo. Yeah I’m well thanks! The sun is shining, it’s a beautiful day in September and I’ve got the day off so no complaints.

Why did you select the tunes you did for the mix?

This is a collection of tracks that really represent what my DJ sets are sounding like at the moment.
There are so many good producers out there making deeper, darker dubstep sounds at the moment
that it was really hard to narrow it down to these 25 odd tunes!

Could you give us a little background as to how you got into dubstep, do you have a past history of being
involved with bass heavy music?

When I was a lot younger I was a metal kid with blue hair and massive chains hanging off me, but through close friends and school mates I got introduced to EDM and I spose since then I’ve always swayed more towards music with a decent amount of bass involved. Over the years I listened to everything from drum & bass and happy hardcore to house and hip hop but in late 2004 I heard Midnight Request Line and that was definitely a huge turning point from there I discovered garage retrospectively… Seven years on and I still love the same things about dubstep that I did when I first heard it I guess!

Booking wise, where can we expect to see you soon?

I’m now a resident at B.O.M.B which is free entry event at Cafe1001 on Brick Lane on the last Thursday of every month; we have pretty varied lineups each month so definitely worth checking out! Also got the Dubliminal Records Halloween Special at the end of October in Brixton which is sure to be a big one! Beyond that there will be more MindStep events happening soon and I should hopefully be appearing at Subtitled in Manchester later this year.

Who are you rating at the moment in both the UK and further afield?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh this is a hard one but I’ll try it inna current top 5 stylee for UK and abroad, listed in no particular order…

UK – Terrafonix // JazzyJazzy // V.I.V.E.K // Biome // Lurka

Abroad – Valor // Subreachers // TMSV // Prism // RDG

Do you have any tips for those just getting into the DJ’ing side of things?

For those just starting out I’d still recommend learning to mix vinyl, even if you end up moving onto CDs or whatever; I still think it’s the best way to master your craft and get mixes really tight. Other than that just make sure you get into it for the right reasons – hopefully through a love of music!

Any shouts you’d like to give?

Definitely want to send a shout to each and every person that’s ever sent me their music, it’s appreciated! I always listen to everything and try my best to respond to people.Gotta take time to big up all the producers involved in this mix, some serious talent out there and I just want to encourage them to keep doing what they’re doing musically. Special shouts go to my girlfriend, my family and everyone who supports me in what I do – without them I wouldn’t be here!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Download the mix HERE

You can find Syte on the web in the following places.

Bookings: djsyte@gmail.com
Syte Facebook
Syte Twitter

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