45hzMIX012 – TMSV

August 5, 2011 § 1 Comment

It’s with great pleasure that we bring you the latest selection of sub bass flavours in our mix series from Dutch badman TMSV. A firm favourite at 45hz with his unique style of beats that ooze great musicality, Tomas has a handful of serious releases and his dubs are supported by none other than scene luminaries Mala & Youngsta. We managed to catch up with him for a few words…

Name – Tomas aka TMSV
Age – 22
Location – Utrecht, the Netherlands
Years Producing – 5 or 6
Years Mixing – About 2

Easy Tomas, how are things with you out in Utrecht?

Pretty good, thanks. I’m thoroughly enjoying my break from Uni right now.

How do you manage to balance the pressures of your Uni course, and finding time to make beats?

I have no idea how. It’s a bit difficult to be honest, because music and studying law are both important to me. When making music I face less deadlines and things like that, though, so I just try to make music when I’m not studying. Weirdly, some of my best tunes were made while I was supposed to be reading books.

I first discovered your music early last year when Distance listed you in an interview, along with Commodo and Science as producers to look out for. Since then your reputation has been growing steadily – was there one particular milestone that you think has helped you make the breakthrough into the UK scene?

I’m not sure. I think dubstepforum.com and the internet in general have been most important publicity-wise. I think people are getting to know my music mostly by hearing DJs playing my latest tunes on the radio or in mixes which are available to download.

Your second release on Box Clever has just been released and has had a great reception. How did the link up with Box Clever come about?

I think I sent DJ ThinKing a couple of tunes a while back. If I remember correctly, I almost immediately got an email back about the idea to form the Box Clever label alongside Black Box and releasing my tunes Cold and Signal.

I really like the way Box Clever is run; everything happens very quickly and very professionally!

We have been really feeling the track you produced with DJ Madd (Difference), and with June Miller (Ghost Ship), both getting airtime on Youngsta’s Rinse show. Do you enjoy collaborating on tracks? Is there anyone out there you would especially like to work with?

I absolutely enjoy collaborating, as long as the combination works. Working with June Miller is (or should be) quite convenient because both of them live in Utrecht. The way they work is very interesting too, because the two of them talk a lot of things through; something I usually don’t even think about while making music.

Working with Madd was a pleasure as well because we both like getting tunes done quickly. I think we made Difference in no more than a day, maybe two!

You came from listening to Drum and Bass before you started to get involved in dubstep. With a resurgence in quality minimal DnB with people like Jubei, Rockwell and Icicle making some great stuff, and with Youngsta supporting the sound, does making any DnB interest you?

I occasionally have a go at making some DnB, but to be honest I don’t really like doing it at the moment. The reason I quit making DnB was that I got very bored while making tunes, mostly because I get hung up on the technical aspect of Drum & Bass instead of just making music.

Don’t be surprised if I do make a proper DnB tune in the future though, you never know!

We have read previously that Mala is someone you think of highly in the dubstep scene. Is it especially sweet to have your music supported by him?

Absolutely. Mala has always been the one DJ and producer I’m consistently excited about. Hearing a new Mala tune is a special thing to me, probably because he’s one of the few people who got me into this kind of music and who are still making great music.

I’ve been getting messages from all over the world (UK, Holland, Australia, USA, etc) saying they heard Mala play my tune there. Being featured in a set of his is something I couldn’t have imagined a couple of years ago.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

With a Youngsta favourite “Myth” being included in Dj Thinking’s recent Black Box/ Box Clever mix, keep your eyes peeled for more TMSV releases soon.

TMSV Soundcloud
TMSV Facebook

You can also catch TMSV playing at Radical in Amsterdam on October 29th

Download the mix HERE

Contributed by Oli/Murky

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§ One Response to 45hzMIX012 – TMSV

  • Silent says:

    Huge mix but wasn’t expecting anything less from TMSV!
    Also real glad to see Myrkur getting featured in it, that guy deserves way more recognition!


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