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J-One aka Simon Jones is a good personal friend and one of the best producers currently residing in Kent. Blissed out two step to moody, deep dub-techno influences fall from every pore of his tunes. A master of vocal sampling and melody, Phaeleh just released his album through Urban Scrumping Records. He’s also kindly given away an unreleased tune called Air to go along with the mix. Enjoy…

Easy mate, hows things?

Hello mate, all good thanks. Just waiting for inspiration levels to recover so I can get finishing some more tunes!

Lets start at the beginning. How did you originally fall into the trap of beat making? Who were the major influences for you starting? If I remember correctly you used to make hip hop beats too, right?

Yeah it was all hip hop when I first started. I’d been interested in making tunes for quite a few years before, had a really early version of Fruity Loops (as it was called then!) but never really knew what to do with it. It wasn’t until around 05/06 when a few of my mates started writing lyrics and spitting over instrumentals that I thought I’d give it a proper go. Safe to say I’ve been hooked ever since. I was heavily inspired by artists like DJ Shadow and RJD2 and listened to a lot of UK hip hop.

I know you’ve not always done the sub heavy side of things, was there a defining moment where you decided to concentrate more on that? Was it after attending DMZ for the first time, or did you go to similar nights before that?

I was quite late getting into the more sub driven stuff. I’d heard the term ‘dubstep’ being banded about but it wasn’t really until around 2008 that I properly got into it after a mate showed me a load of tunes on YouTube. I was instantly sold before even hearing it on a proper system. Working in a completely different tempo was really refreshing and it got me excited about making music again.

Phaeleh is putting your album out through his label Urban Scrumping, how did the connection come about originally? Have you traded beats with him for a while or…

Must have been this time last year we started talking on Facebook after I sent him a few of my tunes. Was really flattered by his response because I’d been listening to his music religiously for the months before that. From there we started discussing a release on his label. The track listing has changed loads over the last year but I’m really happy with the finished product. Matt’s a top bloke, he’s given me loads of help and advice and he puts a lot of time and effort into the Scrumping releases.

You’ve collaborated with myself (Arktrix) and a few other local heads. Do you find the process more fun than making beats on your own?

Yeah I’ve definitely enjoyed the collaborations I’ve been involved with. It’s too easy to fall into the same habits so I find it’s good to be taken out of your comfort zone now and again and to work in a different way. Look forward to getting some more collaborations done in the future, got loads of tracks in the works. Big ups to yourself, Wen, Lex and Jungleboy!

Your choice of vocal samples are quite soulful and “deep”, what do you look for when you’re searching for samples?

I find vocal samples can add a huge amount of emotion to a track. I tend to treat them like any other sample and will manipulate them as such. The words or phrases can still be meaningful but I generally just look out for nice sounds and textures that compliment the other elements I’m working with.

Top five tunes of the moment

Off the top of my head..

Wen – Lo-Fidelity
Synkro – Look at Yourself
DJ Madd – Pitfall (Phaeleh remix)
Jamie xx – Far Nearer
Arkist – Fill My Coffee

Anyone you’d like to thank?

Thanks to all the local crew and everyone that’s supported my music over the years.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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