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June 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Easy man, how have things been since I last saw you?

Things have been good thanks. Just spending more time on my production & djing.

2011 has already been a pretty big year for you. Since confirming for Outlook, what other opportunities have presented themselves?

Yeah this year’s been great so far. It seems like I’m getting a lot more opportunities to play the sound that I’m most passionate about. I’ve been confirmed for a couple of big lineups in London that I’m very excited about, as well as my second international booking of the year in Estonia next week.

For those who don’t know, can you talk us through the process which lead to you collaborating with Jamie (J:Kenzo) and the eventual Rinse airplay via Youngsta? Can we expect to hear anything else coming from you two soon?

Well I don’t live too far from J:Kenzo, and over the last three or four years we’ve played at a lot of the same clubs in Kent. When I first got into dubstep I think there were only four names that I’d heard of based in Kent who seemed to be involved with the sound, (Markomen, Rod Azlan & Stenchman being the others). I remember the first time we played on the same night he gave me a couple of his vinyl releases, then when we both started playing regularly at Dubbed Out we got chatting & decided to link up.

I think Youngsta began playing the tune shortly after ‘The Roteks’ and ‘Nocturnal Feelings’ so, by that point everything J produced was considered gold!

The session was really good, so hopefully we’ll find time to jump on a few more tracks in the future.

Following on from that, have you been approached by anyone to sign your beats yet?

I’ve had a couple of labels approach me for my music, but at the moment I don’t think there’s any rush to sign anything. I’m just glad that there’s been a positive response to what I’m doing, which is encouraging me to improve my production & work rate.

You recently returned from Estonia, how did things compare from your experiences on these shores? Were people more receptive to the deeper side of things?

Yeah it was great! Everyone was really friendly & welcoming to both me, and my sound as a DJ. They definitely seem to be a little more diverse over there. I was in shock when Kode 9 came on one of their main daytime radio stations in the car!

It made me realise how much we take things for granted here in the UK though. They don’t have access to the masses of music nights & opportunities like we do. I met some really good producers that could easily have big records if they lived in England.

Were you introduced to any strange spirits and food or different styles of music?

Lets just say that everyone I met made me try something new, ha. They definitely like to drink their shots in Estonia. As for music; I think I heard a local band playing an Estonian cover of the Ghost Busters theme, which was pretty good!

As for your live sets, do they differ much from your Sub Session mixes or are the mixes a fair representation of what you play in the clubs?

I would say most of the time I tend to play a mixture of styles. I think it’s important to find a balance of sound that fits the crowd & keeps the set lively & interesting; whilst sticking to the tunes that you respect. For me that tends to take the form of some deep/dark rollers, tribal & dubby tunes, heavy tunes (that are good) and some classics. So yeah, you could say that my live sets are definitely down the same vibe, but maybe with a bit more energy?

For someone who has been into dubstep for a while, where was your entry point? Does it annoy you the genre is being heavily represented on the heavier side at the moment and that people are missing out on the stuff with space, pace and massive grooves because of this?

For me I got into djing first. I was playing guitar & keyboards at school, listening to a lot of blues, jazz & rock. As I started to grow up I got really into different styles of hip hop and trip hop, but there wasn’t much I could do here with a guitar or Keyboard. I knew I was never going to be an mc, so I started to get really interest in djing & turntablism. Couple years down the line and I was an amateur hip hop/scratch DJ. I think it was 2006 that I first heard the word Dubstep, which was the hot topic down at the DMC competitions.

There’s been a couple of times where it has looked like we’re fighting a losing battle to remind people what Dubstep really is, but since I started focusing more on the positive aspects of the scene & just pushing the sound I want to, things have already started looking up. For me this has been one of the best years yet for good releases, and with people like Rinse FM & Get Darker showcasing all aspects of the sound I’ve noticed a lot of people exploring & moving away from the more ‘hype’ tunes. It was the same with d&b, which for me became so stale and dumbed down for the ‘ravers’. Now you can see how good the scene is with the more minimal, techy & dark flavors. Im more into d&b now than ever!

Do you still keep up to date with current hip hop? Who are you rating these days?

Unfortunately not man. It’s amazing how fast I lost most of my scratching/juggling techniques as well. I have a pretty large back catalogue of golden hip hop/ trip hop that I listen to a lot when traveling though. Anything from Jeru the Damaja to DJ Shadow. I’ve just been listening to some new stuff from Jehst though, feeling that!

What are the best ways for more unknown producers to get their music to you or for promoters to get in touch?

The best way for producers, DJ’s or promoters to get in touch is to send me an email here: MosaixMusic@hotmail.co.uk

Any thanks or shouts you’d like to extend?

Just want to say thanks to everyone that’s come to hear me DJ or supported my music over the last few years. Big up to all the cool people, artists, DJ and promoters that I’ve met, and a shout to everyone back in Kent that’s pushing the good music!

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