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Elvin Vanzeebroeck aka Antics is a belgian producer and promoter of the club night Midnite Run. Both his productions and the club night promote the deep, dark sounds made popular by the likes of Youngsta and Distance. With a release due on For The Win anytime soon and collaborations with another set of Belgian producers Subreachers, he is set for a big year!

Hey man, can you tell me a little bit about yourself and the sounds that you push?

I’m Elvin, I’m from Brussels and I DJ & Produce under the name ‘Antics’. I make and push dark and sub driven dubstep.

How long have you been producing for? What programs do you favour over others for creating tunes?
I’ve been producing a bit more than a year now. I use FL studio 9, A few plug-ins and a lot of samples.

Europe is more known for hard dance and Techno, do you think this is a noticeable trait in the tunes made by the European dubsteppers?

I think some producers are definitely influenced by Techno. I was never into techno although I recently start to listen to it and actually like it. I grew up with old school and underground hip-hop and definitely also the music my Dad gave to me which was mostly early reggae & dub but also soul, jazz, funk, lounge etc. I think that the music I’m making now is influenced on the drum & bass which I used to listen to for a while after I got bored of hip-hop because it was getting too commercial and the quality wasn’t there any more. I mostly listened to dark drum & bass.

You say you used to listened to hip-hop, what sort of producers and emcees did you used to rate? Was it the early to mid 90’s kind of sample based sound or the more modern synthy based beats? Would you say this influenced the way you chop and cut samples for use in your tracks these days?

I was more into stuff like Boogie Down productions, Eric B & Rakim, public enemy etc. But I also listened to a lot of early 90’s stuff like Nas, Mobb Deep, Notorious BIG. Although I don’t think hip hop has any influences on my tracks these days. I think drum&bass and the early dub music which my father used to play all the time are my influences on the tunes that I build.

Tell me about Midnite Run. How long have the nights been running for and which has been your favourite to date? What plans do you have for the future?

We started it last year. We did 2 editions with Dj Madd, Bunzer0, J:Kenzo, Lurka, Subreachers, Silkie, Phaeleh, Daily, Phonetics & 1901. I can’t really choose a favourite I enjoyed both of them because of the good vibes all the artists brought. All the artists are very kind and they’re all doing their own thing which makes it more incredible in my opinion.

You recently attended the DMZ 6th Birthday, was this the first time you’ve visited a London based dubstep event? Has it influenced your production since you’ve been home?

Yeah that was an amazing night! So gutted Youngsta & Kryptic Minds had to stop after 20mins because of the incident with the water on the mixer. I guess I’ve been influenced. All the artists who were playing there are making amazing music. I really liked the vibes at dmZ. It was something special. Different then Belgium.

You have collborated with The Subreachers. Are there plans for you to collaborate with anyone else in the future?

Yes out to the Subreachers! They’re amazing producers! I love working with them! I think there are going be more collaborations between me and Subreachers soon. I’m also working on a collaboration with Collision now and I’ve made plans to collaborate with Catacombs as well. Hopefully more collaborations in the future with some upcoming producers that I’m really feeling at the moment.

Big Up to everyone who’s supporting my dj sets and productions! Shouts to Subreachers, Lurka, Killa & Instinct, Thelem, Goli & Ashburner, Bunzer0, Daily, Phonetics, Gaz, 1901, Catacombs, Benton, Collision, Sleeper, D Cult, Dubtro, Shortstack, Yannick, Steve, Pressa, Compa, The Rood FM family. Sorry to everyone else I forgot. You know who you are!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Download the mix here.

Antics Soundcloud
Midnite Run Blog

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