45hz017 – Dubbed Out – Outlook Launch

February 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

The 19th of February was a bit of a special evening. Dubbed Out teamed up with the Outlook organisers to provide the launch party for this years festival. With a heavyweight line up featuring Kromestar, Sukh Night, Lost and Koan Sound alongside Dubbed Out residents Kear and Mosaix it was set to be a brilliant party.

The Loft in Maidstone provided the surroundings for what proved to be a very sweaty, very smokey and ridiculously large night.

Mosaix started proceedings with a deep, dark selection and as the crowds filtered in, the dancefloor packed up and the bodies came to life. After the first hour Kear stepped up to the plate for a little B2B hour with Mosaix and this is where the crowd really got warmed up.


Sat where I was, the bass was so intense I couldn’t do anything but smile and nod my head to the beat for the large majority of the night. Whoever did the sound, out to you, it was suitably large.

Up next was the main man of the evening, Kromestar. Having only ever heard his earlier output, his set was the one I was really looking forward to and he did not disappoint. Choice cuts and quality mixing were in full force.

I’m sure every head in the room would be in agreement that the main man of the evening was Sukh Night (unfortunately P-Money didn’t make it due to some form of illness). All his classics were dropped amongst some fresh bits, including what I think was the Kromestar VIP of Slang Like This(absolutely massive).

As for the rest of the night, I can’t comment.

An hour and a half drive home put an end to my night after Sukh had finished.
Out to everyone that made the evening possible.

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