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February 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

When I think of the musical output of Texas, the first things that come to mind are mostly metal bands and bad ones at that. It definitely wasn’t somewhere I was expecting to find someone pushing the deeper sounds of Dubstep and bass music.

Aaron who runs Sub Lab Records does just that. He is one of the few American people I’ve spoken to via AIM and Facebook that seem to grasp not only the music, but the importance of the subculture surrounding dubstep. Its for those reasons that I said yes when he asked to me to help him out with the label from time to time.

His plans for Sub Lab are driven by simple motives. Pushing the hidden talent of the underground scene across the world with the urge to keep dubstep and dubplate culture alive. Citing labels such as Deep Medi for inspiration in terms of both art direction and musical output, we’re talking consistently bringing forth heavy releases with an undeniably large bottom end. Alongside the label, he makes tunes under the name ARNOK, collaborating with producer HEX under the alias Infinite Minds.

The first release (artwork above) is set to drop any time soon(I’ve heard it and it is massive). A free compilation featuring the likes of Collision, Pressa, RDG, HAACK, Krood, Infinite Minds, HEX and Replicant. Some of the most promising up and coming producers there are in my opinion.

The likes of Tunnidge(Chestplate), Jack Sparrow(Tectonic), Joe Nice, Cyrus(Deep Medi), Lurka(Sub.FM), Crises(Rinse.FM) and artist Ashes57 have all shown support with Ashes supplying logo artwork. Aaron says that its this sort of mutual respect and support between the bigger heads and up and comers that inspires him to push forward and shake the worlds foundations with bass in the process.

To me it seems the label was started to keep documents of those little moments in time that may otherwise just be left rattling round venue corridors, lost forever. You know the ones…

Words from the man himself – “We are limited by nothing”

Enough said…

PS…If you’re in Denton, TX or the surrounding areas, keep your eyes out for monthly night Deep Tension.

PPS…Here is a mini mix of the EP by Kent based Dubbed Out resident Mosaix.

Sub Lab Website
Sub Lab Facebook
Get Darker Coverage

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