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Label name
Loft Party Records

Length of time operating
Around 9 months now.

Releases on sale now
LPR 001 promos are available now exclusively fromhere.
We have 3 massive tunes from Goli & Ashburner. The ‘a’ side is for the deep heads, warehouse 13, which has been getting a lot of support everywhere. The 2 tunes on the ‘b’ side are more tear out/jump up. One has gone off every time we have played it out, boxed is the vocal version on the vinyl and the vocal version will be available on digital release.

Radio shows
We have a fortnightly show on dub concept radio http://www.dubconceptradio.com (details got to be confirmed soon but should have 1st show on there in early march) It’ll be 7-9pm GMT. On our show on previous stations we showcase mixes from up and coming Dj’s, producers or Dj/Producers. We have had some unbelievable mixes so far. DFRNT kicked us off with the first mix and its set the trend from then onwards. We will continue to do this on dubconcept radio too.

Future releases
We’ve not got anything set in stone yet but we are 90% certain on who and what 002 & 003 will be.

Thanks to Bassweight, everyone knows how Croydon used to be, but what goes on these days in terms of club nights and other music based things such as record shops?

There is a regular night at the Black Sheep bar every Wednesday called Dubkulture. Pistonsbeneath is the guy who runs that night and I have to say a massive thanks to him for getting us down there on a regular occasion. There is a wide range of dubstep represented there so there is something for everyone. Croydub is also at the Black Sheep bar too, the next one is in April. At the last one I was in the queue for hours waiting to get in. It is always a big night there, always! Apart from those two nights there are usually a few nights here and there with big name artists.

Unfortunately there are no more record shops down here! Big Apple was the shop everyone went to, and since that went it was never really the same! Swag records was the other side of Croydon too but that has closed down.

As more and more heads and labels turn digital only, why did you choose vinyl as a viable format for your releases?

We have always been vinyl dj’s. We grew up around vinyl, and we want to keep the vinyl touch to the scene. I know it can be a massive pain in the rear end carrying all those records half way across the country but the scene was built on dub plates and vinyl and we want to keep that going. There is nothing better than getting your dubs cut down the studio and then spinning them that weekend. There is also the sound quality too, nothing can beat a weighty 12″ or 10″. We do understand that there is a digital market out there now, so some of our release will have both vinyl and mp3’s along with a digital only track! (boxed vocal is digital only on 002 release)

What labels do you take inspiration from for LPR output?

Deep Medi & DMZ. Two of the best labels in the scene who will never be beaten, in terms of music released, artwork and everything associated with the names!

Any advice for producers who want to contact you regarding demos/dubs?

You can send anything to loftpartyrecords@gmail.com or if you have any dubplates send us an email and we will give you an address to send them to. This also goes for anyone who wants to feature on the guest mixes on our show! Give us an email and we will send you more details on what to do. Also if we are playing some where local to you and you want to pass on music then feel free to. Its always good to meet the people who send you music or take an interest in possibly releasing something through your label. It gives you a feel of who is behind the buttons .

It also gives us an excuse to chin wag over a few beers!

Bookings, enquiries and mailing list: loftpartyrecords@gmail.com

Vodpod videos no longer available.

45hz017 – Dubbed Out – Outlook Launch

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The 19th of February was a bit of a special evening. Dubbed Out teamed up with the Outlook organisers to provide the launch party for this years festival. With a heavyweight line up featuring Kromestar, Sukh Night, Lost and Koan Sound alongside Dubbed Out residents Kear and Mosaix it was set to be a brilliant party.

The Loft in Maidstone provided the surroundings for what proved to be a very sweaty, very smokey and ridiculously large night.

Mosaix started proceedings with a deep, dark selection and as the crowds filtered in, the dancefloor packed up and the bodies came to life. After the first hour Kear stepped up to the plate for a little B2B hour with Mosaix and this is where the crowd really got warmed up.


Sat where I was, the bass was so intense I couldn’t do anything but smile and nod my head to the beat for the large majority of the night. Whoever did the sound, out to you, it was suitably large.

Up next was the main man of the evening, Kromestar. Having only ever heard his earlier output, his set was the one I was really looking forward to and he did not disappoint. Choice cuts and quality mixing were in full force.

I’m sure every head in the room would be in agreement that the main man of the evening was Sukh Night (unfortunately P-Money didn’t make it due to some form of illness). All his classics were dropped amongst some fresh bits, including what I think was the Kromestar VIP of Slang Like This(absolutely massive).

As for the rest of the night, I can’t comment.

An hour and a half drive home put an end to my night after Sukh had finished.
Out to everyone that made the evening possible.

45hz016 – Sub Lab Records

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When I think of the musical output of Texas, the first things that come to mind are mostly metal bands and bad ones at that. It definitely wasn’t somewhere I was expecting to find someone pushing the deeper sounds of Dubstep and bass music.

Aaron who runs Sub Lab Records does just that. He is one of the few American people I’ve spoken to via AIM and Facebook that seem to grasp not only the music, but the importance of the subculture surrounding dubstep. Its for those reasons that I said yes when he asked to me to help him out with the label from time to time.

His plans for Sub Lab are driven by simple motives. Pushing the hidden talent of the underground scene across the world with the urge to keep dubstep and dubplate culture alive. Citing labels such as Deep Medi for inspiration in terms of both art direction and musical output, we’re talking consistently bringing forth heavy releases with an undeniably large bottom end. Alongside the label, he makes tunes under the name ARNOK, collaborating with producer HEX under the alias Infinite Minds.

The first release (artwork above) is set to drop any time soon(I’ve heard it and it is massive). A free compilation featuring the likes of Collision, Pressa, RDG, HAACK, Krood, Infinite Minds, HEX and Replicant. Some of the most promising up and coming producers there are in my opinion.

The likes of Tunnidge(Chestplate), Jack Sparrow(Tectonic), Joe Nice, Cyrus(Deep Medi), Lurka(Sub.FM), Crises(Rinse.FM) and artist Ashes57 have all shown support with Ashes supplying logo artwork. Aaron says that its this sort of mutual respect and support between the bigger heads and up and comers that inspires him to push forward and shake the worlds foundations with bass in the process.

To me it seems the label was started to keep documents of those little moments in time that may otherwise just be left rattling round venue corridors, lost forever. You know the ones…

Words from the man himself – “We are limited by nothing”

Enough said…

PS…If you’re in Denton, TX or the surrounding areas, keep your eyes out for monthly night Deep Tension.

PPS…Here is a mini mix of the EP by Kent based Dubbed Out resident Mosaix.

Sub Lab Website
Sub Lab Facebook
Get Darker Coverage

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