45hz015 – Retrospective – 2010 into 2011

January 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Two thousand and ten is dead. Like most self respecting blogs, we’re closing things up with an end of year list. Not in the usual “top five djs” played out style that the majority run with though. Oh no, this post will be a celebration of a years enjoyment and discovery in the bass heavy genres. A list of things that have shaped the way I make, DJ and listen to music over the past year.

I spent a large part of this year listening to the tunes this fella has been creating. He’s one of the Thanet boys and makes some of the most sublime music you’re going to hear into 2011. Stuff is forthcoming on Bristol based label Urban Scrumping. Rest assured it is going to be absolutely massive.

I don’t really know what to say about Wen’s music other than the fact he improves tenfold with every tune that hits his soundcloud and its been a pleasure whenever we’ve sat down and worked on tunes together. Highlights of the year include the phenomenal remix of US producer Blind Prophets track, Pyongang.

Lex is another one of those people who’s traditional sample based approach to bass music only ever results in tunes you wish you’d have made yourself. Its a rare occurence for music of his to surface, but when it does, rest assured it will blow you away.

Skank Nasti Soundsystem.
They threw some absolutely blinding beach parties during the summer and gave the Thanet crew a solid, free and musically diverse alternative to £15 on the door Drum n Bass raves that the masses around here seem to gobble up. Even with the danger of having equipment destroyed by the North Sea, the parties went on. Big ups to Dave and Paul for a name that will hopefully long be associated with good quality parties and good vibes.

Kent local. Dub Police soldier. All round bringer of heavy bass and vibes for miles. Guest mix did nothing but confirm this. Streams of releases out this year just gone and a whole load more to come in 2011.

Direct download link for the 45hz J:Kenzo mix

Listen to the mix he supplied for us, here –
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Over this year he has crafted a name for himself as a purveyor of heavy, hard as concrete dubstep. Releases on Wheel & Deal only helped to cement this. Over the next year, as long as the releases are kept constant then his rise will be short, sharp and oh so deserved.

Direct Download link for the Benton 45hz mix.

Listen to the exclusive mix he supplied for us, here –
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Totally Wired & Azlan Entertainment presents Lovely Dubbly.
Proof that the more people support things, the better they become. The reason Rod Azlan put the show on in the first place is because of the support the local steppers have been giving to the Room 3 events at Totally Wired. Some would argue that Dubstep has no place in those sorts of establishments, sitting alonside rooms playing indie and metal. I say, don’t come then. Good vibes, are good vibes, regardless of where the venue is, what other crowds it caters for and who owns it. Every niche of Dubstep was represented and everyone went home with a massive smile on their faces(apart from the ’emo’ kids that turned up, but who cares about them, right?).

I try not to gush via posts on here, but to have one of my favourite electronic music producers show interest in what I’m doing meant a hell of a lot. Not much to say about this dude other than go and aquire his mixes and then go buy his records.

So that is 2010.

For 2011 expect…

More guest mixes with the best established names and up n comers.
More interviews with producers that push boundaries and do things a little differently.
More artist and label profiles for those who really deserve it and don’t just spam my email inbox.

Oh yeah, keep your ears and eyes open for a little four way collective from these ends involving myself(Arktrix), J-One, Wen and Lex. Two tunes down, lots more to go…

Get to know.

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