45hz014 – Coleco x Orientis Records

November 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

As previously mentioned, we like to support the up and coming producers and labels. Without them, there would be no base of support for the emerging talent and many producers worldwide would never be noticed for the true skills they possess. Case in point is upstart label Orientis. England based, they are pushing Dubstep that has musical merit, rather than walls and walls of sound.

Working with some already established names, as well as the more underground heads is a thing that a lot more labels should do, rather than focusing on signing producers who are just going to shift a lot of records. It lets the creativity through that is usually lost within the jump up, dancefloor orientated side of the scene.



Track Listing
A1: Martyr
A2: Morbid Curiosity
B1: Taostic
B2: Aether

Release Date: 10th January 2011

COLECO EP SAMPLE by orientisrecords

Here is a little info from them about the release.

Coleco – based in Bristol UK, is widely becoming known as a pioneer in melodic genre-bending, bass driven music. He originally set dance floors alight with his post-dubstep/heavy funk crossover 12″ début ‘Campfire Funk’ on Soul Motive Records, and as the evolving sub-genres of dubstep continue to further cross-pollinate with the rest of music itself, Coleco sets new standards of multi-genre influenced dubstep by kicking off ORIENTIS RECORDS with this new 4 track vinyl EP.

Martyr – starts off the EP with a Pan-Asian influenced, funky breaks driven number. Building an introduction with spacious, floating sitar and flute lines, you’re woken from meditation by a colossal drum break unexpectedly dropping in, soon bringing all the elements from the intro back into context coupled with a pounding sub-layered acoustic double bass.

Morbid Curiosity – takes a classic live funk break to the operating table, twists it up half-time style, and stitches on a roaring sub-bass that’s surgically designed to tear bass bins apart, creating an evolving monster that’s ripped through the walls of a few dance floors already.

Taostic – offers a chance to recover, to kick back, or groove along to this Dub-Eastern crossover, weaving in and out of dreamy flute and female vocal melodies, whilst ambient guitar licks, dub reggae style sub-bass, and warm retro drums drive the whole thing forward.

Aether – opens up with dark and gritty haunting atmospherics and filters in moody offbeat Guhzeng stabs, deep sine waves, and a pounding breakbeat. The breakdown then offers the chance for the elements to creep back in again, eventually exploding into a crescendo of double time drums, bringing to EP to a heavy funk finale.

Also forthcoming on the label is a 12″ from Kent head Pressa& Crisp.

A – Pressa x Crisp – Atom
B – Pressa – Symptoms

Keep your eyes on the links below.

Orientis Email:orientis-records@hotmail.com
Coleco Myspace
Add Coleco on Facebook.
Orientis Facebook
Orientis Soundcloud

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