45mix002 – Benton

November 9, 2010 § 1 Comment

Big, bad and heavy. Benton is fast becoming a lot of peoples favourite producer, myself included. Dark, dingy and sometimes quite suffocating. Expect nothing but pure bass weight from the mix.

Easy man, introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about the bass driven music scene where you’re at?

Wagwarn, my names Benjamin I produce music and dj under the name Benton. I live in a town just out of South London so the scenes kinda small but I used to run a local night called Subspotting with Unitz and my mate Luke.

Before making tunes, did you ever have any musical experience?

Not really… I mean I’ve been into music since I was young. Listening to jungle, drum n bassb, garage etc. I always had one headphone in my ear at school listening to them old jungle tape packs, always thought to myself how’d they make these tunes! Never thought back then I would be producing.

Your tunes seem to have that dark, brooding quality that I feel in old jungle and drum n bass tunes. Is there an era, or year of dubstep/drum n bass that you’d say you reference more than another when you’re producing?

Well I make a lot of Jungle influenced stuff whether it be dark or jumpy but i love the darker drum n bass from early 2000.. that sound was RAW! People like Bad Company you know?

So as a producer, what makes you tick musically outside of the dubstep box?

I got loads of friends that don’t even like dubstep so I’m surrounded by loads of different music.. I like al ot of different stuff, as a dubstep producer people assume that you only listen to wobbles 24/7 haha that would do my nut in if I’m not making a tune or listening to a mix then I’m usually listening to dub, reggae, jungle, drum n bass, garage, house. Whatever really, as long as it’s got a nice sound to it.

Do you have a set way of working when it comes to writing, or do you take the “whatever happens, happens” kind of approach? Does it differ with remixes?

Depends really. If i got some parts to work with then I usually get influenced by whatever them parts are, but when I’m making a tune I usually collect a few samples that will work well together n start to vibe off them.. build some drums.. you get the picture…

How did the N-Type/Wheel N Deal connection come about?

I showed a few tunes to Deadly & Watson from Futurism and they decided to sign them to the label, at the time they were getting a lot of support from N-Type going on Rinse. It was my Birthday and I was having a few beers with Unitz waiting to go Brighton and N-Type rang me about Out There. A few people showed interest in that tune, Caspa was gonna put it out at one point but when N-Type rang me he said he wanted to put it on Wheel & Deal! Kinda weird cos the tune started as a bootleg!

Last but not least, what can we expect over the next twelve months?

Well I recently started working on an album for Wheel & Deal which should be dropping next summer gonna try and collaborate with some different artists and get some different bits on there. Also got a few things forthcoming I’ll try get them in order…

Necromancy & Sinners is forthcoming BoxClever
The Last Crumb by me and Walsh forthcoming Biscuit Factory
Smash That Badger & Nurafen forthcoming Wheel & Deal
Videodrome forthcoming Wheeler Dealers Album
Zardoz & not sure yet? (haha) forthcoming Wheel & Deal

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Direct Download link for the Benton 45hz mix.

Benton Myspace

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