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September 10, 2010 § 1 Comment

Easy Matt, for those who may have just stumbled upon this site, let people know who you are, the style of bass driven music you produce, how long you’ve been twiddling knobs for and what you’re currently working on if that’s cool?

Hello, my name’s Matt and I produce under the name ‘Phaeleh’. I make a lot of music around 140bpm, most of it quite chilled with the occasional heavy stuff from time to time. Been producing on and off for about 10 years or something, but only seriously in the last 3 I’d say. At the moment I’m having a bit of time off of music to spend time on my label Urban Scrumping Records, just getting the next few releases ready for that, as well as hatching some plans for the future… I recently finished an album called ‘Fallen Light’ which is out on October 25th on Afterglo Records.

Afterglow is one of the most perfect songs I’ve heard this year. How exactly did the collaboration with Lu (Soundmouse) come about? As far as I’m aware, you’re both in opposite ends of the country (Bristol & Canterbury respectively)? Did you expect the mix as a whole to be so well received and what other collaborations can we expect in the future?

Thanks! I’m still pretty amazed at the amount of love this tune has been getting!

As I remember, one of my good mates (and 303 ninja warrior) Jeeroj sent me a link to his friend’s facebook page, as he thought I’d like her voice and it might chill me out after a stressful few days. I was flicking through the songs, when suddenly came across her cover of ‘Heart Shaped Box’ by Nirvana. This completely mesmerized me, and I think I must have listened to it at least 100 times on loop.

Jeeroj suggested I hit her up to see if she’d be interested in doing a tune together. I thought I’d take it one step further and just write the basis of a tune there and then, so quickly knocked out a rough instrumental track in about 20 minutes and sent it over. I then got a reply from Lu saying she really liked the tune and was up for working on some vocals. She then sent over some vocal takes, I did a few tweaks to the mixdown, and the tune was done really quickly. I’ve spent months mixing vocals before, this tune was a relatively simple process.

In terms of collabs there’s always a few on the go with other producers, though it’s often a case of people finding the time to work on things. Started stuff this year with Boot, Indigo, Kidkut, Von D and TMSV, but not sure when we’ll get time to finish those off, hopefully it’ll happen at some point.

I’m currently working on a tune with a new signing to Urban Scrumping, J-One, who’s a ridiculously talented producer.

I was also chatting to another dubstep producer about doing some kind of G-Funk project with slap bass, synth-wah guitars and vocoders. I still can’t work out if we were serious or not, but something like that could be quite entertaining…

You’re in the formative stages of setting up a record label “Urban Scrumping”. No need to guess how the Scrumping reference fits, but what exactly is Urban Scrumping if anything and what styles of music should we be expecting to hear?

I think the name was originally stolen from a Bill Bailey sketch about kids in the West Country stealing car stereos or something. We’ve been going since 2008, though it’s always been done more in the background to my production stuff, but looking to change that now and start putting some more focus on the label and start pushing it more effectively. I guess most people associate us with the deeper end of dubstep, with more 2-step, minimal vibes, such as myself, Apathesis, Gyu and Sclist. But there are a couple of heavier releases on there from people like Darkham and Full Spektrum. I can see us pushing some different sounds in the future, my tastes are always changing, and I’m hoping that the overall label sound develops over time, rather than starting to repeat itself and become too predictable.

Am I right in thinking you used to produce ambient stuff under a different name, can you tell people a little more about that and if anything will surface anytime soon?

I used to produce electronica under the rather lazy name ‘Preston’, which is my surname. I had my first release on a wicked little label called Boltfish Recordings, with an album called ‘Aespatia’. It was mostly tunes written from around 2001 to 2006. There’s still about 3 or 4 tunes on that release I still really like, and a wicked remix by a Russian artist called Test Pressing, but there’s definitely a few tunes which I regret going on there, I wasn’t a big fan of them at the time, and I’m certainly less so now.

I haven’t got any plans to resurrect that project, but I have recently started a few side projects anyway, so who knows if any of them will have a more electronica twist.

Any chance of a free 320? Anything sat around waiting for a while for a release that never came or is it something you just wanted to get out there?

Well I haven’t really got any Phaeleh tunes sitting around at the moment I’m afraid, most of the unsigned stuff is lined up for potential releases. Seeing as you mentioned the older stuff, here’s a couple of older Preston tunes from that album, Time (2006) and Swerky (2001). Production and sounds might not quite be up to the more recent Phaeleh tunes, but you can get an idea of the overall sound which was really my starting point in electronic music, for anyone who might be interested.

Thanks again man, big up!

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