End of an era – 45hz006.

September 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

From the early 1920’s onwards, the radio has been a source of emerging musical talent and over the years, a lot of radio presenters have come and gone. Many of them disappearing without leaving a mark on their countries music scene, let alone the worlds.

For me, there are two people that radically changed the way the music press and general public appreciated music over the past three or four decades. The first, John Peel.

Through his Peel Sessions he brought attention to extreme metal bands like Napalm Death(One of the most “out there” bands to played on commercial radio at that time). Without his support, they probably would’ve stayed a small, back room of a pub kind of band. He only played music that moved him, and as a consequence, influenced generations of music lovers.

The same thing happened to the second person I’m going to celebrate in this article.


Mary Anne Hobbs.

Another champion of all things strange, heavy and boundary pushing, she cemented her place on the world stage when the Breezeblock show she was in charge of aired its “Dubstep Warz” special. For Dubstep, a small genre played in dark, grimy clubs in the ends of London, it was a monumental event. She broke the careers of some of the worlds best modern dance music producers and shone a light over a dark and ever mutating UK bass music scene. So when it was announced she was to leave her show after 14 years with the BBC, it is safe to say a lot of people were upset. For many, myself included, it meant an end to an era. Where does it go from here, who will take her place, will they be able to fill her shoes; all questions that have flown around the internet forums over the past few weeks. For me, I don’t care. Things end for a reason. Life is finite and the world keeps turning.

Ms Hobbs bowed out in the best way possible. By having two of the scenes most respected and highly influential producers curate a mix that was ultimately heartbreaking. Burial & Kode9 managed to capture everything that the Breezeblock and the Experimental Music show stood for. Progression, artistic integrity and above all, emotion. After all, music is made to stir our primal instincts, is it not?

Long live Radio 1. Long live MAH.

The mixes…

Dubstep Warz – Click to follow through to site.
Burial & Kode 9 – Right click, Save as.

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